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Professional Light Design & Installation

Our goal is to provide more than quality exterior lighting services. At Hammerit, we provide responsive services that lead to efficient designs and effectively completed projects. From the initial consultation to the completed project, we go above and beyond. Our designers, project managers, and build teams communicate on a daily basis, ensuring projects stay their course.

It is easy for you to notice our services are a little different. It's because of our commitment and level of engagement. Nothing is more important than doing our best. So, when you want your project done right, make sure to talk with us.

Our Service is built on customer first! We strive to deliver the best lighting and illumination experience in Florida. We understand that everyone has their own ideas, and no two homes are the same, we take pride in the work we do that's why we make sure every detail is considered when installing your custom illumination system. 

Our product is engineered and built to withstand all the Florida elements. Whether we vacation or live in Florida we endear all year-round scorching sunshine, harsh rain storms, and flooding. We are here to make sure that your equipment is here to stay and withstand time so you can enjoy even more time out doors!

All transformers are stainless steel and all lights are Cast Brass, connected with hub boxes verses wire caps to make sure its long lasting. Plastic will fade, warp and crack overtime but copper and brass can handle all the elements and withstand time, this is why we are certified AMP lighting dealer. They distribute the most advanced and durable products on the market. 

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