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Outdoor Lighting Services

 Jacksonville, Orlando,  Palm Coast

Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination offers outdoor lighting services throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Orlando, Palm Coast, and the surrounding communities.

Full-service landscape Lighting

Our certified lighting technicians have the expertise and experience to complete your outdoor lighting project. We can help with:

  • Commercial & Residential Landscape Lighting

  • Design- Full Cad Drawings- Voltage Drops

  • Installation and Maintenance

  • Deck, Patio, and Pool Lanai Lights

  • Pathway Lights

  • Soffit Lighting

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth RBG Lighting

  • Core Drill Lighting


Tree lighting | commercial outdoor lighting by Hammerit

Commercial outdoor lighting projects have specific requirements and budgets. We can work within your budget to ensure a finished project with properly placed lights. We create amazing outdoor environments for your commercial property. Learn More About Commercial Lighting.


Outdoor Lighting Design

Our outdoor lighting experts will perform an assessment of the residential or commercial property to design the project. Then we select the right exterior lighting products because each design is unique. We have the best landscape lighting ideas in Florida!


residential outdoor lighting | Tree lighting | outdoor lighting by Hammerit

Residential outdoor lighting projects are unique for each home and homeowner. We can enhance the curb appeal of your Florida home with landscape lighting, pathway lights, patio lighting, entryway lights, and roof accents. Learn More About Residential Lighting.


Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor and landscape lighting installation requires highly skilled installers who understand the design and lighting elements that are used. Our technicians also have a good understanding of the overall result the homeowner or business owner wants.

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