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How Custom Lighting Can Improve Safety and Security of Your Home

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

When they think of outdoor lighting, most people imagine the blinding spotlight that pops on with motion sensors in the neighbor's driveway. It's so glaring and bright you might even see its reach inside your own home.

Custom lighting for your outdoor space can do more than blind visitors walking up your driveway.

It improves safety and security and adds a lovely ambiance to your outdoor spaces. If you're wondering how to improve your outdoor lighting situation and reap all the benefits, read on to learn more.

Improve Safety

One of the best reasons to consider custom lighting solutions is the improved safety they offer to you. The reality is that the better you can see, the safer you'll be navigating around your outdoor spaces.

Take a closer look at where you should consider custom outdoor lighting for improved safety.


Most homes come with some form of lighting in their entryway. Typically, this light helps to illuminate the area near the front door.

Of course, these lights are only effective if the homeowner remembers to turn them on. With custom lighting, you can have it set, so they come when it's dark out, or even put them on a motion sensor.

Custom lighting solutions should also work to add secondary indirect lighting around the porch area.

Eliminate Dark Areas

When you create custom lighting, it's good to walk around your home at night to see where you need lighting.

Do you have any areas on your property that are dark at night? Maybe you have a side entrance to the garage or a nook that isn't currently lit.

If anyone is navigating through areas in the dark, you need to have lighting installed there.

Navigation Lights

You also want to ensure lighting along areas where people might walk. This is called navigation lighting; it's the lighting for where people might be navigating.

Think about areas like around a pool, sidewalks, or walkways.

Overall, low-voltage lighting is a good choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient, safe, flexible, and versatile lighting solution that's easy to maintain.

Visual Reach of Property

You know you want a light close to your home. You also want your lighting to have a visual reach across your property.

If you have outdoor living areas, they should have lighting. You also want to have custom lighting around the perimeter of your property.

Improve Security

Dark homes are targets for unwanted trespassers. If your home and surrounding property are well-lit, it's harder for an intruder to get close and go unnoticed.

It also lets potential intruders know they're not welcome. Someone considering breaking into a home isn't likely to choose one where they could be seen because of the lighting surrounding the house.

Better Property Ambiance

When considering your custom lighting options, know that lighting comes in direct and indirect options.

You can add custom lighting to create ambiance all around your property while at the same time improving safety and security.

Get Custom Lighting for Your Home

Not only will custom lighting make your home look great, but you'll also be safer and your property will be more secure.

If you're interested in discussing custom lighting for your home, we can help. Contact us today to request a quote.

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