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Residential Outdoor Lighting

 Jacksonville, Orlando

Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination is the perfect residential outdoor lighting solution for local Floridians. Our professional light fixture installers provide residential outdoor lighting services in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando, and the surrounding areas so your home can really shine.

Full Residential Outdoor Lighting Services

When you home home at the end of the day, you should be happy to see how attractive your lawn and entryway appear. The certified lighting techs at Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination can help make your home a beautiful oasis with the following residential outdoor lighting services:

  • Security Lights

  • Entryway Lighting

  • Solar Lights

  • Driveway Lights

  • Home Aesthetic Lights

  • Deck and Patio Lights

  • Pathway Illumination

  • Stairway Lights

  • Color Changing Lighting

  • Landscape Illumination

  • Professional Light Installations

  • Residential Light Designs

Security Lights

residential flood lights

Flood lights make an excellent safety addition to any home. These powerful lights can illuminate large portions of your property to scare off any would-be intruders or wild animals. Learn More.

Solar Lights

solar lights | Outdoor lighting

Worried about your electricity bill? Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination offers a variety of solar-powered lights so you never have to pay your electric company for quality illumination options. Learn More.

Driveway Lights

driveway lights

Mark the edge of your driveway with attractive driveway lights. These add curbside appeal and generate a welcoming environment when you return home after a long day. Learn More.

Deck and Patio Lights

deck and patio lighting

Light up your deck or patio with attractive illumination options. Create a warm, relaxing environment or a fun party feel. Learn More.

Color Changing Lighting

commercial outdoor color lighting

Not sure what ambience to create at your home? The good news is you don't have to stick with a single look. Try our color-changing lighting options so you can match your home to your mood. Learn More.

Local Light Installers

residential outdoor light installation

If you live in or near Pensacola, Orlando, or Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination can send our local light installers to install the perfect light fixtures for your residential property.

Entryway Lighting

House with Red Door and entryway lighting

Welcome friends and family to your home with beautiful entryway lighting. When you come home, your entryway should be well lit so you can find your keys with ease. Learn More. 

Pathway Illumination

pathway lights

Beautifully lit pathways are more than just attractive landscape features, they also keep people from accidentally straying onto your carefully manicured lawn and flowerbeds. Learn More.  

Home Aesthetic Lights

Outdoor Dinner lights

Aesthetic lighting can be anything from string lights in the backyard to lanterns strategically placed around the perimeter of your home. Learn More.

Stairway Lights

stairway lights

If you have an impressive stairway at your home, consider illuminating them to generate a safe and attractive path for your guests. Learn More.

Landscape Illumination

pathway outdoor lights

You worked hard on your garden, so what better way to show it off than landscape lighting? Our professional light installers are happy to help you find the perfect lights to illuminate your prized plants. Learn More.

Residential Light Designs

residential outdoor light design

Not sure what look you want? Discuss with one of Hammerit Premier Outdoor Illumination's professional light designers. We'll help focus your vision and bring it to life through outdoor lighting and light fixture options.

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